Most Recent Work

Most recently, Maryann has completed her Berkshires Heron Series

heron1.jpg (1507114 bytes)                         heronflight1.JPG (69347 bytes)                           heronlanding1.JPG (145430 bytes)                          heronmirror1.JPG (107944 bytes)  

                                  Wading Heron                        Heron in flight                           Heron Landing                        Heron mirror 

                                     Size 30x24                         Size 12x24 (sold)                           Size 24x24                        Size 20x24 (sold)


                                                                            cowcrop.jpg (29306 bytes)                   pigcrop.jpg (22952 bytes)

                                                                              Size 16x20                        Size 16x20

                                                                              Sunset Cow                    Happy as a pig


... and she is making progress with her upcoming Berkshires Birch Trees Series

    shadowbirch1.JPG (184881 bytes)                                                          mooncrop2.jpg (19181 bytes) 

                              Size 18x18                      Size 24x48                       Size 24x36                         Size 20x24                  Size 24x36 (sold)  

                               Grey Birch              Tall Summer Birch                    Siblings                    Ashmere Kayak (sold)              Moonrise   

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