About MaryAnn...

Sure...we could tell you that MaryAnn's work is inspired by noted artists, or specific influences in her life, or events that have shaken her psyche... the truth is, MaryAnn loves to paint. From a toddler to today, she'll use the crayons on a restaurant dining table to doodle, and express her current fancy. It is not known whether the waiters save these works or not, but our table certainly enjoys, and joins in them, as they are created.

But there is more here than refrigerator art. MaryAnn is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She majored, and worked in animation until computers reshaped the industry, at which time she opted to remain a hands-on creative painter.

Her new career started off in furniture decorating, quickly evolving into faux-finishing, trompe l'oeil, and mural designs, the latter becoming the medium that was most appreciated by her clients, and best allowed her to express her creativity. Working with clients, and designers, she has developed a loyal following in the New York Tri-State area, decorating the homes of the famous, the wealthy, and the connoisseurs in the area.

But, just like her father-in-law, the acclaimed French artist Jacques Charmoz (www.jacquescharmoz.com), her true longing is to paint, paint on canvas, commit to a toile what she sees, feels, visualizes... that only she can transpose to a canvas in her own style. This she has now been doing since 2005. Creating beautiful renderings of nature, cities, people, pets, but mostly, the ever-changing, ever evolving, charm of the Berkshires, from her studio on Lake Ashmere, outside of Pittsfield MA.

Her debut in the genre has been well received indeed.

In 2006, her "Winter Birches" were selected by AARP in a Nationwide contest to grace their Annual Calendar distributed to some 600,000 sponsors. It was again selected to be their Annual Holiday Card. 

Her first opening was in Westport in 2006 

In 2007, she participated in a juried show in New Haven where she received another award. 

Her work is primarily in the homes of private collectors as she only recently started showing to the public. Her paintings are currently on display in Ridgefield, CT and Fairfield CT. Upcoming shows will be opening in Westport and Wilton, CT



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