Fine Arts: oils and plein air



mo_paintings_008.jpg (63914 bytes)          fallbirchcrop3.jpg (108141 bytes)         narrowbirchcrop.jpg (1143893 bytes)         summerbirchcrop.jpg (127659 bytes)         

                October Birch                Autumn Birch               Tall Birches                     Summer Birches                              Fall Birches (sold)

                  Size 24x30                     Size 25x33                  Size 24x48                         Size 40x52                                         Size 40x40


summerbirchcrop1.jpg (122646 bytes)         winterbirchcrop.jpg (115923 bytes)        mo paintings 005wpd.jpg (246062 bytes)         sonowcrop.jpg (689485 bytes)                          

Spring Birches                        Winter Birches (sold)                  Birch Foliage            Winter Day        Shadow Birches (new)

                         Size 40x52                                Size 40x52                              Size 24x24              Size 11x15             Size 24x24


           mo paintings 055wpd.jpg (165245 bytes)          mo paintings 002wpd.jpg (147597 bytes)                 laketahoecropwpd.jpg (144769 bytes)

                                 Sunset                   Lake Ashmere (sold)                  After the Rain                   Berkshire Barn                Lake Tahoe

                               Size 24x30                    Size 11x14                             Size 24x30                        Size 11x14                     Size24x30


custercrop2wpd.jpg (182788 bytes)                           heron1wpd.jpg (172883 bytes)                        geesecrop.jpg (1694169 bytes)

                            Custer (sold)                    Miss Kitty (sold)          Wading Heron (new)          Macaw                   Geese in Marsh (sold)

                                Size 12x14                        Size 12x14                Size 30x24                     Size 30x24                    Size   16x20


                                         Bellagio.jpg (1506813 bytes)                

                                                 Lake Ashmere Home                        Streets of Bellagio                            Connecticut Farmhouse (sold)

                                                      Size 8x10                                        Size 24x30                                               Size 12x24


purpleflowercrop.JPG (65987 bytes)                                                                        pink_rose_001s.jpg (72647 bytes) 

            Cosmos on purple                                     Paradise One                                        Paradise Two                                   Yellow rose on red

                 Size 24x24                                            Size 24x24                                            Size 24x24                                          Size 24x24 


anemonecrop.jpg (89558 bytes)                              

                                                       Anemone                                    Pale pink rose                                Dahlia (sold)

                                                      Size 24x24                                      Size 24x24                                   Size 24x24                                







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